How to Order

If you were wondering how to buy a fake ID from our website then you are in the right place. All the steps were designed to be as easy as possible, you pick your payment option, your delivery option and then your card details and image options. However, as our customers differ in the methods they use to buy their cards, we thought it best to give you a page that explains the process and most importantly helps you avoid any potential pitfalls. If you read any page on our website, read this one!

Cash or Crypto?

When you go through our Checkout, the first option you will be presented with is asking you how you would like to pay. You can change your mind later of course, but we think it’s a good idea to know before placing your order with us exactly how you intend to complete it. Sending cash in the post comes with obvious dangers. There should only be one reason that you would even consider paying with cash sent in the post and that is if you have read our Bitcoin information page (which also applies similarly to all the Cryptocurrencies we accept), have contacted us for further explanation if necessary, and still find it too difficult to pay electronically. Whatever you decide, you need to know what’s involved and what to expect.

A hand trying to make a cash payments and another trying to make a Bitcoin payment

Do you want to pay with cash?

Despite reading our advice on paying using Bitcoins (which also applies similarly to all the Cryptocurrencies we accept) you have still come to the decision that you’d prefer to pay using cash. No problem. If you follow our advice here, to the letter, then you won’t have an issue.

The first thing you need to do is watch this short video to understand what is the big issue with sending cash and what you must do to make sure the cash arrives safely. Watch the video now, when you’re done, read on.

You now know why it is more dangerous to send cash to a fake ID company than to most other businesses. The fact that the postal workers know our envelopes contain cash and have easy access to a great big box of them puts every customers who ignore our warnings at risk of losing some or all of their money.

Thankfully the vast majority of our customers take our advice seriously, for those that don’t, they choose to learn the hard way. If you want to save time and money on your order then whatever you do, don’t save it on your postage decision. Trust us when we tell you that every customer who made that mistake and got stung, wishes they had listened to our warnings. Don’t learn that lesson the hard way!

How do I send cash safely?

Thankfully we can explain this to you easily. Follow the steps below and there is practically nothing that can go wrong.

An example picture of a platic mailing pouch
  • DO: Put your cash and printed order in a plastic mailing pouch. These pouches are tamperproof and can’t easily be torn. You can see an image of a plastic mailing bag on this page or even more pictures linked in the Ordering section of our Frequently Asked Questions page along with suggestions of where to buy them.
  • DON'T: Put your cash in a normal paper envelope. All too often mail staff unseal these envelopes, take the money then seal them down again. Others just rip them to take the money out so they look like they’ve been damaged accidentally.
  • DO: Send via a recorded, secure and insured delivery method. In the UK use Royal Mail Special Delivery. In other countries pick a signed and secure service or use a courier such as UPS or FedEx.
  • DON'T: Stick a stamp on your envelope and put it in a post box. This is beyond stupid! Thankfully these days few customers make this stupid mistake, but you might be surprised to hear that we still get some customers who actually do this!
  • DO: If you are sending from inside Europe and are not using a courier like UPS or FedEx then send to our UK address. There are sometimes "cash in the post" customs issues with sending cash direct to our Spanish address that you can avoid by sending to the UK address. If sending from outside Europe then always send to Spain because it’s quicker.
  • DON'T: Think that just because it is safer to send to the UK address that you can ignore any of our other steps. If you do that you will be disappointed.
  • DO: Trust that we've been doing this a long time and know everything that can and will go wrong.
  • DON'T: Think you know better or think that just because a friend of yours sent unsafely and got their card that you will be as lucky as they were!

Do you want to pay electronically with a Cryptocurrency?

Good choice! This is the quickest, safest and often cheapest way to pay. It effectively costs you less when you pay this way as there are no postal costs which are often quite expensive. We currently accept Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

If you don’t know enough about electronic payments with Cryptocurrencies then you’re in luck, we’ve written a complete guide to paying with Bitcoins (which also applies similarly to all the Cryptocurrencies we accept). We recommend you read that guide and follow the advice in it and you should be up and running with Bitcoin payments in no time at all. From there you can search the web and learn about the alternative Cryptocurrencies we accept and decide if it would be cheaper and/or easier to pay with them instead.

You can choose that you want to pay for your order using Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins for example) when you go through our Checkout or afterwards when you review and change an existing order from our Account page. Either way, you will be given an invoice to pay on the summary page for your order which you can visit at any time by logging into your account.

When you have you’re invoice simply click on the button that says "Pay with xxx" (where "xxx" is the name of your chosen Cryptocurrency), and you will be given a time limit to transfer to us the exact amount in the Cryptocurrency you have chosen. If you chose one of our less supported currencies then you simply be directed to contact us for a quote. When the funds arrive the page updates and assuming you uploaded all your images when you placed your order we can then print your order within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

Our Fake ID man logo with a a Bitcoin miners hat and a bag of Bitcoins
How do I pay with Cryptocurrency?

Read this summary of the Do’s and Don’ts to easily pay using a Cryptocurrency.

  • DO: Read our Bitcoin explanation page to fully understand the Bitcoin payment process. Most of what you read is also applicable to the other Cryptocurrencies we accept.
  • DON'T: Skim the explanation and think you know what you’re doing before you actually do.
  • DO: Buy your Cryptocurrency before attempting to pay. You need to be ready to pay when you click on the “Pay with xxx” button (where "xxx" is the name of your chosen Cryptocurrency.)
  • DON'T: Click on the “Pay with xxx” button before you've bought your Cryptocurrency. All Cryptocurrency payments must arrive within a specific time limit. When we give you an amount to pay it must be paid within that time limit, so if you don't have your coins yet then your time could run out before you get them!
  • DO: If you don’t have your Cryptocurrency already then buy more than you think you’ll need. Crypto exchanges don’t give you the perfect market rate for your money. They make money on giving you a less favourable exchange rate.
  • DON'T: Assume your Cryptocurrency provider will give you a favourable rate and just buy the same amount of money in your chosen Cryptocurrency as your order total. You will almost certainly not have enough to pay for your order.
  • DO: Once you’ve worked out how easy it can be to pay with Cryptocurencies (like Bitcoins), tell your friends, family, anyone who’ll listen! The banks can’t control how we spend our money anymore!
  • DON'T: Keep your newly acquired skills to yourself, that’s just mean!

Fast delivery or Free delivery?

Before you place your order we recommend that you visit our Delivery Calculator page to work out how long our delivery options take and how much they cost. Armed with this information you can decide which service fits your timescales and your budget the best.

Do you want FAST delivery?

It's normal to want the fastest possible delivery! If we could offer a service where we deliver for free to your house on the same day you place your order on our website, then believe us, we would. However, until someone starts up an international flying drone delivery service we’ll just have to make do with the services available today.

With our paid-for fast delivery option we use at least three different courier services depending on the country of delivery. We pick the fastest and most reliable service and send using them. This service comes with guaranteed delivery times under normal operating conditions. You can view the exact times here.

Showing the time saved with fast delivery
  • DO: Use this service if you are in a hurry. The service is a signature service with guaranteed delivery.
  • DON'T: Pick this option if you want delivery to a PO Box (as we cannot accept it) or if no-one will be there to sign for the delivery.
  • DO: Use this service combined with Cryptocurrency payments for the fastest possible service.
  • DON'T: Pick this option if sending cash to the UK address. The UK address is a redirection address with one to two deliveries per week. If you’re unlucky, any delivery speed you thought you would get with the fast delivery option could be wiped out waiting on us receiving your payment in the redirected mail.
  • DO: Use the tracking number you are provided with 24 hours after shipping to check on the status of your delivery.
  • DON'T: Contact us about your delivery unless something has gone wrong or you need to ask for a last-minute change.
  • DO: Provide us with a complete and accurate delivery address and double check the phone number you provide us with. These are the two mistakes known to delay deliveries.
  • DON'T: Provide a fake telephone number. If the courier cannot deliver they will contact you on that number. If they can’t get a hold of you, then you will be responsible for non-delivery.

Do you want FREE delivery?

Choosing our free delivery option will bring down the total cost of your order. If you are happy to wait a little longer and forego the tracking information then this option represents good value, after all, it’s free!

Showing the money saved with free delivery
  • DO: Remember you can’t change your mind after we have received your payment. If you want this option then plan for it ahead of time.
  • DON'T: Ask us to pay for this service after we have sent your order. We cannot get it back to re-send it with the faster service.
  • DO: Be patient with delivery. Delivery times are just estimates and are not guaranteed like with the fast service. Delivery varies country by country and depending on national holidays and mail volume during peak times.
  • DON'T: Expect delivery on a certain date. It may happen, it likely won’t, plan ahead of time for this eventuality.
  • DO: Realise that you are unable to track the progress of your delivery with the free option.
  • DON'T: Ask us for a tracking number for this service. Unfortunately, with the free option we do not give you tracking details. If you need tracking you must pick the fast delivery service that we offer.
  • DO: Contact us between the maximum quoted delivery time up until one week after this date if there is any problem with the delivery of your order. If you know you won’t be around during this period, then tell us ahead of time. You must contact us within this period to sort out any issues with your delivery.
  • DON'T: Contact us before the maximum quoted delivery time asking where your order is. We understand that you are impatient to receive your order but do not waste our time or yours by trying to resolve a delivery issue before we can be sure there is an issue. If you do we will just refer you back to this section on this page.

Upload or post my images?

The decision to upload or post your images of your photo and signature are often taken based on your earlier decision on how to pay for your order.

If paying electronically with one of the Cryptocurrencies that we accept then you can send us the images in the post, but it would just delay your order that could otherwise be shipped immediately had you uploaded the images instead. For orders paid for using cash you may prefer to send us your photo and sign your order form since you are sending us somthing in the post anyway. However, uploading the images is not just for customers who want to pay using Cryptocurrencies, it can be more convenient to upload an image on your computer or phone rather than sending a passport photo or printing and existing photo then sending it in the mail.

Do you want to upload them?

This is a great option and the one we encourage our customers to use. Photos and signatures sent in the post face the risk of weather or transport damage that could delay your order as we wait for you to send us replacements. Uploaded photos and signatures do not suffer from those risks, but you do need to follow our advice so you don’t run into easily avoidable problems.

Showing the process of uploading images
  • DO: Send a high resolution (high quality) photo. The photo is one of the most important parts of the card. A poor photo often equals a poor card.
  • DON'T: Decide it is too much trouble to get a high-quality image and hope that somehow the fake ID Gods will make everything OK, they won’t.
  • DO: Upload a passport style photo. The background is best white or very light with you facing forward.
  • DON'T: Expect us to get rid of a background on a holiday snap you decide to send. We do not remove the background, if your mum is in the background on your photo then she’ll still be there on your printed card.
  • DO: Send a photo with either the correct dimensions (3:4 Passport size) or big enough that we can crop it down to the correct dimensions. Signature dimensions are 4:1 but so-long as you send us a signature with a white background we can play with that to get it right.
  • DON'T: Send an image with your face cropped from ear to ear. If our system cannot drag a 3:4 box around you face without cutting off your forehead or chin the photo will be rejected and delay your order.
  • DO: Upload a signature drawn in black pen on a pure white background. Photos with too much darkness or shadowing will be rejected. Use our signature drawing facility to draw your signature if you are worried the image will be rejected.
  • DON'T: Use lined paper and sign across it. We cannot remove the lines and they look silly when printed on the final card.
  • DO: Upload only popular image formats such as JPEG or PNG.
  • DON'T: Send us some obscure image format or a document format such a PDF. It won’t be accepted and if it was then it would likely delay your order.

Do you want to send them in the post?

If you have decided to pay using cash then you may want to send your photos in the post and just sign your order form. This is fine if you prefer it, just follow our guidelines to avoid any issues.

Showing the process of posting images
  • DO: Send a high resolution (high quality) photo. Don’t send a low quality photo or one you printed yourself on an old printer that should have been discarded years ago.
  • DON'T: Pay out money for a decent ID card and then ruin the look of it by sending any old image you can find.
  • DO: Send a passport style photo if possible. If not make sure it is a similar size and quality.
  • DON'T: Send a scan of your actual photo in your passport. They look really stupid on our cards.
  • DO: In our “What to do next?” section on our website you may be instructed to write names on the backs of the photos. If so, use a Biro pen and not one where the ink could easily run on to another photo in your envelope. Believe us, we have seen many photos ruined by a poor choice of pen being used.
  • DON'T: Use a marker or felt-tip pen. Their ink will often run or smudge everything in their path, often spoiling the other photos in the envelope.
  • DO: Fold your printed order form and place the photos inside the fold to protect them from the weather and movement during transport.
  • DON'T: Stick them down or use paper clips to secure them, this is the easiest way for them to become damaged and unusable during transport.
  • DO: Sign your signature with a black Biro style pen in the exact area marked on the printed order form.
  • DON'T: Use a thick marker or felt-tip pen. Thick signatures look really bad when printed on ID cards. As if that isn’t bad enough, the ink often runs or smudges anything that comes close to them.
  • DO: Remember to include the images in your envelope.
  • DON'T: Leave the images on your bed only to find them after you’ve already paid to send your letter to us.