If you are thinking about ordering multiple cards, either all for yourself or for a group of friends, then we offer some great bulk buying discounts you can enjoy. We save money making and sending many cards at one time in one delivery and we pass all those savings plus more directly on to you!

3 for the Price of 2

Add any three cards to your basket and we will automatically discount your order by making the lowest price card for free. A great discount to reward you for buying three cards at the same time.

5 for the Price of 3

Add any five cards to your basket and we will automatically discount two of the cards on the order. Often one person will organise the whole order and either share the discount with their friends or make a profit for organising everything!

20 for the Price of 10

This one is for all the entrepreneurs out there who want to make some serious money. By ordering twenty cards at one time you will only be charged for ten of them. If all the cards are the same price, 50% of the total order value is yours to keep. Simply add the cards to the basket and let our discount system work out the rest!